Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Hola, que tal? Hoy fue un buen dia aqui en Los Estados Unidos noreste. La temperatura muy comodo, el sol alta en el hielo, y una clase biologia bien. Oder?

I did not take any photos to commemorate this day. However, here is a photo a dear ol' friend from Maryland, with my plant press in his lap (taken earlier this past summer).

Actually, scratch that...My blogger interface will not let me post a picture. Or I don't know how.

Also, Hi Nazli.

Wednesday Addendum to this Tuesday evening BLOG:

Nazli's comment about how to add pictures did not actually solve my problem, but it did motivate, dare I say "inspire," me to pursue the matter further.

As it turns out, my version of Netscape 7.2 would not allow me to add photos via the "click the add photo icon" option. Use of Internet Explorer just now allowed me to do so.

Thanks for the inspiration, Nazli!

Monday, July 31, 2006

Malawian Day Flower

... surely one of the prettiest flowers ... ever ... ever ... ever


Leaves of three, let them be